Stress, Hormones, & Inflammation: A Holistic Approach to Balancing Hormones

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Inflammation is often referred to by doctors as the silent killer. Join us & learn the secrets to battling inflammation.


Inflammation is involved in at least 8 of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States today.


You may be impacted by inflammation and a weak immune response if you currently experience or have experienced:


💥 chronic fatigue

💥 diabetes

💥 insomnia

💥 high blood pressure

💥 autoimmune disease

💥 weight gain

💥 brain fog

💥 digestive issues

💥 rash

💥 joint pain


Inflammation... you hear the term a lot, but really...what is it? How does inflammation weaken our immune response?

  • What is going on in the body when an inflammation process is triggered?
  • Is inflammation the root of your illness?
  • How harmful is chronic inflammation?
  • How can you correct the problem naturally?


Stop shrugging it off and sweeping it under the rug!


Join Sarah Treat as she reveals some secrets on how to address this silent killer.

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Sarah Treat, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Sarah’s passion for nutrition and natural health began at age 22, when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition. She is now proud to say, after changing her ways, that her hormone issues are a thing of the past.


Her love for natural health and natural products led her to beginning a career in sales for a large supplement manufacturer. During this time, she went back to school to get a Masters in Nutrition, and also become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. In 2016, Sarah and her husband Jason opened Local Health Market, a family owned health food store in their hometown of San Antonio. Shortly after, they started Nourish, a healthy meals line that solves the “dinner and no time to cook” problem.


Sarah is committed to helping people feel better, so they can do the things in their lives that fuel their passions. She works with clients who suffer from fatigue, pain, digestive issues, diabetes, arthritis, skin issues, and many more ailments.

What Our Members Are Saying

The changes I made to my life I couldn’t do without Sarah because I didn’t have the knowledge. With Sarah, she would sit down and find out what my individual needs were. I never listened to my body and just went to the doctor expecting to get better. Now I have a person wanting to know what makes me feel better. If you’re looking for hope and guidance and that light in your day, just sit down with Sarah and have a consult with her. See if she will be the person that can help you have hope in your day until you can have hope in yourself again.

- Shannon B.